Chiropractic Treatment

As a Chiropractor Dr Sigvardt evaluates and identifies any problem that may exist within the spine and corrects any dysfunction present. She takes a complete health history and may also require x-rays and laboratory tests if not already available. Dr Sigvardt examines the spine for any fixations and subluxations present, performs related neurological and orthopaedic tests, blood pressure and reflexes and then adjusts the patient according to findings. She uses her hands to adjust and perform the highly specialized manipulative technique that is referred to as a Chiropractic Adjustment.

In addition Dr Sigvardt may perform muscle testing techniques to evaluate which supplements may be beneficial to your wellbeing and general energy. She will also advise on certain exercises that could improve strength, pain syndrome and performance. Dr Sigvardt also uses certain pressure point and soft tissue techniques.

Patients of any age are treated, from babies and children to the elderly. Dr Sigvardt is dedicated to treating and giving advice in any situation and to any type of complaint and will refer you, if necessary, to a relevant practitioner/specialist if anything is required that is not within the scope of her practice.

Dr Jeanne Sigvardt   •   Chiropractor   •   D.C. (UK) M.C.A.S.A   •   Practice No. 0401617   •   031 566 4927   •

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